Painting Tips That Professional Painters Always Use

If you are planning to update the look of your home, a professional painting company can change your home’s exterior and interior into the best looking home on the block. This colorful transformation doesn’t happen by chance. The pros understand that detailed prep work and solid painting techniques make the difference between a so-so look and a fantastic final transformation. Before you make the decision to hire someone to do the job for you or to do it yourself, it’s important to know how the best painters in the business get the job done right.

Painting Preparation Steps That Can’t Be Skipped

Before the paint ever comes out of the can, surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned. For exteriors, a pressure washer should be used to remove years of built up dirt and grime. The power of the water will also loosen and remove flaking paint. If lead paint was used in the past, the painting contractor will use a special tool to limit its exposure to your family and the environment. Interior walls should be cleaned with a detergent or a degreaser so that the paint can adhere well for many years. Since paint tends to build up along the ceiling edges, excess paint should be removed for clean lines when the job is complete. To protect woodwork, painters tape should be applied and firmly pressed with a putty knife to prevent leakage. Finally, all wall flaws must be sanded and filled for a smooth surface look after paint has been applied.

Painting Techniques That Make a Difference

To prevent bleed-through on walls, the pros use tinted primer for maximum coverage. Paint extender is often used to prevent brush strokes from showing and to create a smooth look. Extender works by delaying the dry time so that the painter has time to correct for problems. In fact, this is one of the reasons that painters work on one wall at a time. Once a wall has been completed, they return to look at their work and immediately correct any imperfections. Finally, to avoid color differences between tinted cans of paint, the pros mix the cans together in a single bucket before they start.
Professional painters are detail oriented and don’t move forward with one step before completing a previous step. These best practices ensure that the interior rooms and exterior surfaces of your home will look their best for many years to come.

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