The Hipboot Tour: Thinning Ice Sheets and Rising Sea Levels

Clean Air-Cool Planet, in cooperation with local groups in Portland, ME, Hampton, NH, Philadelphia, PA, Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, NC, and Miami and Tampa FL, has begun the Hip-Boot Tour, a series of coastal community roundtables and outreach events designed to bring the latest science in sea level rise and ice sheets to officials and citizens on the US east coast – where sea level rise of up to a meter – and possibly more – is now considered likely if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced.

SCHEDULE / SPEAKERS: See who's wearing hipboots, and where

MAPS: View maps of coastal inundation likely to occur in key cities.

SOLUTIONS: What can we do to lessen the likelihood of severe sea level rise?


In each community, scientists with firsthand experience in Greenland or the Antarctic will present the latest research, which indicates a rapid escalation in the contributions of polar ice discharge to sea-level rise and the potential for “dynamic changes” in ice sheets at the poles, particularly in Greenland.

Each event will also feature a spokesperson from Clean Air-Cool Planet addressing policy solutions, including stringent cap-and-trade legislation in Congress and US participation in an international campaign to reduce short-lived pollutants, including methane and black carbon, which scientists believe are accelerating the warming in the Arctic.